Thursday, December 31, 2015

Page 151: The videotaped honeymooners

A couple returns to their honeymoon hotel only discover to their dismay that they’re featured in the in-room porn film. This story about being secretly videotaped is a bona fide urban legend, and all the facts related about it on page 151 are accurate. A variation of it even featured in an episode of Married…with Children, in which the Bundys go to a seedy motel and encounter a sex video featuring their neighbors (“I’ll See You in Court,” Season 3, Episode 10). Because of the sexual nature of the episode, Fox censors would not allow the episode to be aired in the United States until 2002…some thirteen years after it was originally scheduled to be broadcast.
The urban legend of the secretly videotaped honeymooners was the basis of the infamous "lost episode" of Fox networks' Married With Children. "I'll See You in Court" remained unaired for thirteen years, but is now considered one of the series' best (and most outrageous) episodes.
For Further Reading

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