Thursday, December 17, 2015

Page 127: Even more fun with numerology!

The “Come play with us!” post on page 127 of The Billionth Monkey has some fun Easter eggs. The line alludes, of course, to what the twins say to Danny in The Shining. Therefore in Destiny’s Tweezer update we find:
  • 64 (the number of “plusses” on the post) = נוגה (to shine) i.e. The Shining.
  • 217 (from 2:17 pm) = בהיר, bahir (shining, brightness). 217 is also the original haunted room number in Stephen King’s book. When Stanley Kubrick filmed the exterior of the Timberline Lodge for the Overlook Hotel, the lodge asked him to change the room number in the movie version out of fear that people would refuse to stay in room 217 (it is now, in fact, the most-requested room at the lodge). Take that, Kubrick numerology conspiracy theorists!*
  • 93 (from 4,093 followers) = unrelated to The Shining, this is the number of times in Arthur C. Clarke’s 2010 that HAL transmits the message “All these worlds are yours to explore.” [Readers of Perdurabo might recall some additional meanings for this number.]
The creepy twins (and creepier wallpaper) from The Shining (1980),
Stanley Kubrick's adaptation of the novel by Stephen King.

*Is it just a coincidence that page 127 and room 217 share the same digits? I’ll never tell!


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