Thursday, October 29, 2015

Page 74: Sir Terrence Snogworthy

I’ve seen a statistic that the majority of men have a name for their junk. And not just slang terms like “schlong” or “anaconda.”* I mean actual names, like “Troy” and “Hercules.” I apparently never got this memo, and frankly find the practice to be oddly dissociative or smacking of body integrity identity disorder. Nevertheless, as a good-humored late-bloomer, I decided there’s no time like middle age to play catch-up! So in April 2012 I decided to come up with the most preposterous name possible. What reared its head and spontaneously sprang fully-formed upon my consciousness was “Sir Terrence Snogworthy.” I never meant it as anything but a joke. Then one day I needed a name for a male member that makes a surprise chat room appearance in The Billionth Monkey, so I reached for it…

The hazards of Hangouts, Chatroulette, and 4chan.
* Does anyone other than Sir Mix-a-Lot actually use “anaconda”?

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