Sunday, October 11, 2015

Latest review says The BIllionth Monkey is "like the Da Vinci Code on acid"

The latest (and currently my favorite) 5-star review on Amazon says The Billionth Monkey is "like the Da Vinci Code on acid." Bam!

Here's the full review:

Don't take my word for it, just read it and be grateful
By Wesley K. Long
This review is from: The Billionth Monkey (Paperback)

Really enjoyed this one. Finally able to catch up on some reading due to Information Technology SNAFUs that I have to clean up, leaving me some quality time. A good idea that gets greater all the way until the end, which I have to share, is worth it. So many books feel like the author just ran out of gas or never planned on getting a book published, so the ending is a poorly tacked on sum up or miracle. This ending is satisfying, logical, and made cynical old me smile and maybe even tear up a bit. Wonderfully done. At times it feels like the Da Vinci Code on acid, a suspenseful romance, conspiracy theory, social media critique, inside joke, outside joke, and urban legend. Puns and aphorisms that would make Joyce blush and Robert Anton Wilson proud.

I am reviewing the hardcover edition, which I have in my possession, since I have seen on the paperback, I doubt it's existence (just kidding, it's real, go grab 20).
As the review mentions, the paperback (as well as ebook) are available from Amazon and other booksellers, but there's also a signed and numbered limited hardcover edition available directly from the author..

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