Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Page 192–4: Weiner gematria, plus the true story behind Area 54

The reference on page 192 to Area 54 is based on a true story. I attended a professional dinner in Las Vegas one evening, after which a bunch of us piled into an SUV limo to take us back to our hotel. Someone joked about driving out to Area 54, and I couldn’t stop laughing. Unlike Belanger, I didn’t point out the error. We were having a good time, so why be a 8===D?

Which brings us to Destiny Jones’s Tweezer posts.

The first post on page 193 contains:
  • 78 (from 78 likes) = the number of cards in a Tarot deck. Not that this post has any connection to the Tarot reading in Chapter 1, or the Tarot at all, but it was an unused number in the ballpark that I needed for this post.
  • In addition, disco transliterated as דסחו enumerates to 78.
  • 831 (from 7,831 likes) = φαλλος, phallus.
The second post on page 193 contains:
  • 85 (from 85 likes) = פח, the Hebrew letter Peh spelled in full; in the Western esoteric tradition, this letter is attributed to the planet Mars, whose symbol ♂ has clear connections to 8===D and 8=D.
  • 85 is also מילה, circumcision.
Finally, the post on page 195 gives us:
  • 304 (from 304 likes) = רקד, to dance.
  • 1,040 (from 10:40) = χορος, a chorus.

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