Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Page 156 twofer: Gematria and Gehenna

Tweezer Easter eggs
Destiny Jones’ tweeze “Less talk, more man-on-man action” conceals a few thematic Easter eggs in its numerology. In the time posted (6:45) we find the number 45, which is the value of אדם, Adam, the primordial man in Genesis. That references the word “man” in Destiny’ post. Expanding to “man-on-man action,” we find 104 followers, which is the number of סדם, Sodom.

Wooden nickels from hell
When Destiny counters the idiom “pennies from heaven” with “wooden nickels from hell,” she’s not just being clever. She’s also giving us another #DevilReference (or at least to the Devil’s vast real estate holdings).

The phrase “pennies from heaven”refers to the urban legend or folk belief that, shortly after someone close to you dies, you will find a penny in an unexpected place as a “sign” from the afterlife. Others interpret any time they find a coin somewhere as a sign that a higher power is watching over them. In its broadest meaning, the phrase simply refers to an unexpected boon or good fortune.

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