Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Page 26: Vanna White

Vanna White is the famous co-host and letter-turner of the Wheel of Fortune TV game show. She’s been with the show since 1980, and in 1988 a Samsung ad jokingly predicted that by 2012 Vanna would be replaced by a robot:

The ad that got Samsung in trouble.
Image source: The Smithsonian, February 20, 2013.
 Ms. White was not amused, so she sued and received over $400,000 in damages. Contrary to Samsung’s prediction, she’s still going strong after 25 years.

Courtesy of the Wheel of Fortune Graphic Generator.

Niels Belanger’s concern about dating himself refers to the fact that Wheel of Fortune draws on an older demographic for its viewership.

If you want to know more about Ms. White, she’s written a biography, Vanna Speaks.

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