Monday, September 7, 2015

Page 19: Godco, and of apples and lawsuits

I originally named the salesman in this scene something insurancey like Morgan Lynch, but decided it would be fun for readers to discover that this is what Cohor had gotten himself up to three years after his life-changing experience on the Deep Water Lemuria. Godco is, of course, a pun on that other famous reptile-fronted insurance company. Godco has made inroads with techno-Christians who are born-again (although they prefer the term “rebooted”), and you’ll find Godco’s banner ads at the hippest websites, including the hot new nano-blogging site Tweezer.

An exmple of Godco's online banner advertising.
Original image source: Tweezer.
There have indeed been a number of lawsuits over the years involving Biblical fruit; I’m certainly no patent expert, but my layperson’s view from the outside was that some complained infringements were fairly generic and part-and-parcel of the nature of the device. If anyone was owed compensation, it was the creators of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Not that I’m personally all that vested in the legal ins and outs: it was just another opportunity for a joke. And it was a huge news story at the time the events in the book take place. (I haven’t set this in a particular year, but there are enough pop culture references to place it in the 2011–2014  range.)

In this scene from Star Trek: The Next Generation (© Paramount),
Jean Luc Picard holds a possibly-infringing piece of tech that requires the use of fingers.

Here are links to a few stories that illustrate what I’m getting at:

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