Thursday, September 3, 2015

Page 17: Code ID 10-T

A long-running joke among computer tech support people describes egregiously basic user errors with the code ID10T, because when written out rather than spoken the characters resemble the word “IDIOT.” The Internet-based practice of replacing letters with similarly-shaped numbers and other ASCII symbols became known as LEET or 1337. See page 130, where Destiny Jones says “It’s all L33T to me.”

An example of a snarky ID10T error by evadrekrab.
Original image from Photobucket (be advised the linked site has pop-ups;
but there you can buy prints of this image if you're so inclined.)

In The Billionth Monkey, I parsed the code as "ID 10-T" so that it would naturally be read the way one would say it; and also because ID10T would be too obvious to readers in today's Internet age of tweets and text messages.

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