Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Page 3: Missionary Man

One challenge in the prologue was how to spread my urban legend to the Deep Water Lemuria. I had originally envisioned one of the crew receiving some tracts at mail call, but that wasn't very exciting. Plus, I don’t know whether drilling platforms even have such a thing as mail call.

The solution: Missionaries.

Having missionaries show up unannounced at the rig…now that's funny! I don't identify their faith, because that detail is really irrelevant. The humor is in the absurd circumstance, and how people react to door-to-door proselytizers of whatever persuasion. Whence the popular "Excuse me" meme:

An example of the "Excuse me" meme, source image here.

So I dished up a vague mix of elements from groups known for doorbell-ringing—a common Mormon name here, a Jehova's Witness magazine reference there (Arouse! rather than Awake!)—without singling anyone out. The result is something that I think people on both sides of the door can laugh at.

"Hello" from The Book of Mormon.

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