Thursday, August 6, 2015

Amazon reviewer calls The BIllionth Monkey "Douglas Adams meets Éliphas Lévi"

A fantastic new 5-star review on Amazon describes The Billionth Monkey as "Douglas Adams meets Éliphas Lévi!" Wow, now that's a book I want to read!

Here's the full review; the last sentence is enough to fill any writer's heart with joy:
Even better than the errata card!

"My only real complaint about this book is its brevity. Nevertheless, it is a fantastic read; fast-paced and intelligent. Everyone is saying Douglas Adams meets Pratchett or [insert fantasy writer here]; and that is certainly true. (I would say Adams meets Eliphas Levi). The beauty of this tome is in its uniqueness, though. As a life-long voracious reader, I have never read another book quite like this one.

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