Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Pages 80-82: A French Market lagniappe; plus grammar nazis!

Lagniappe is a Louisiana French term for a bonus or extra gift, often given by a merchant to a customer. Niels Belanger uses the term on page 80 of The Billionth Monkey, and—for the benefit of those who have never been to the French Quarter or who, like me, always long to return there—I offer the following lagniappe: a "virtual tour" of the French Market and Dutch Alley using my research photos walking what was going to be Belanger’s escape route.

The view of Café du Monde from Jackson Square, across Decatur Street.
A tray full of beignets ready to serve.
The Dutch Alley, out the other side of Café du Monde, showing the neighboring shops' palladium windows.
The bronze statue and fountain in Dutch Alley.
Stairs leading up to the French Market Lot.
A view of the long, narrow French Market Lot, whose length runs between the French Market (on the left) and
the Mississippi River (on the right) for the seven blocks between Jackson Square and Barracks Street.
The exit for the French Market lot onto Barracks Street.
As you can see below, the editors’ joke about capitalization on page 82 is no urban legend. It’s absolutely true, and I have the photo to prove it!

The joke on page 82 for copy editors and grammar nazis is based on fact!

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